Introducing: Tricktricka (Admin)

Here, at Reviewsfromtheotherside, we’re all about content creation, distribution, clarity, jargon, jargon, blah, blah, blah…

It’s an elephant! — obscure inside joke

Therefore, partly because it was his idea to get this whole thing running again, and mostly because he’s just cool as hell, I’m happy to introduce our newest administrator: Tricktricka. Tricktricka will be reviewing local and touring punk, indie…whatever concerts or events he feels like reviewing. Because…he’s an administrator, and what kind of hierarchical power resides in a WordPress blog? Okay, maybe I didn’t think that one through completely. Anyways, maybe he’ll even get us woke on a little philosophy or something. I don’t know, just read his shit when he publishes it. Oh, he also happens to play guitar or something.

His first review will cover the March 8 Propogandhi show at the Ready Room in St. Louis. Look for it in the next coming days. Or weeks. Or whenever.

The Lineup:





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