Take off the gloves, roll up the sleeves, and drink some coffee.  Lots o’ coffee.

Reviews From the Other Side is a free for all, whatever I feel like reviewing-style blog spanning all genres of music.  There’s so much content to cover out there that simply describing the topics would take pages.  And nobody got time for that.  Simply put, I’ll be covering both established and up and coming bands, so beware all you musicians trying to hit the big time!  Well, maybe not black metal.  I don’t think blog reviews are kvlt enough, but whatever. You gotta start somewhere!  Writing music reviews is one of my dreams, and thanks to WordPress, I’m able to achieve that goal and provide readers a young, but educated analysis of the industry, from an artistic and business standpoint.  There may even be a film or novel review as long as it follows the three review virtues: efficient, meaningful, no bullshit.  Whether it be LPs, EPs, live shows, or simple lists, Reviews From the Other Side has it all.

Entertainment galore!  Enjoy.



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